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Margaret Jones Update

Secretary Gamache dug up the location of Margaret yesterday and I paid her a visit.
She was in good spirits but has suffered vertebrae and tailbone damage and is in a
special cast.

She said she will see the doctor in another week to see how long she will be requiring special
care at her facility. She is unable to eat anything other than the diet prescribed so if you visit
don't bring any candy.

She has a phone in the room but prefers you call her cell phone and is happy to take calls or visitors.

Her cell is 619-823-4542

Here is the place:
7675 Family Circle San Diego, CA 92111
Phone: (858) 278-8121 Fax: (858) 278-8177

(Directly acrosss the street and behind some apartments from Kearny High School off of Linda Vista Road)

Steve Laurvick
AME, Inc.

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Lodge Blog Created Today

The new SW Hackett Lodge No. 574 blog is online and ready for action.

This blog is integrated into the lodge Facebook page and posts made on this site will automatically be published on that page:

Let's take this tool, build on it and put it to work.

Steve Laurvick

Master, SW Hackett Lodge No. 574